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EVEREST 110GA Bluetooth-teknik - Image


Njut av all din musik trådlöst

EVEREST 110GA Få hjälp av Google Assistant - Image

Få hjälp av Google Assistant

Du aktiverar enkelt Google Assistant med en knapptryckning på fjärrkontrollen för att ta full kontroll över musiken eller ta emot aviseringar utan att använda telefonen.

EVEREST 110GA Legendary JBL Pro Audio-ljud - Image

Legendary JBL Pro Audio-ljud

Njut av samma överlägsna upplevelse och otroliga JBL-ljud som JBL har levererat till konserthallar, studior och vardagsrum i 70 år.


EVEREST 110GA Ekofri mikrofon - Image

Ekofri mikrofon

Inbyggd mikrofon med ekofri funktion för  handsfree-samtal i kristallklar kvalitet.

EVEREST 110GA 8 timmars batteritid, snabb uppladdning på 2 timmar - Image

8 timmars batteritid, snabb uppladdning på 2 timmar

Det inbyggda batteriet som laddas med mikro-USB ger upp till 8 timmars speltid med snabb uppladdning på endast 2 timmar

EVEREST 110GA Bekväma öronproppar - Image

Bekväma öronproppar

Ergonomiska lurar med proppari tre storlekar garanterar perfekt passform och perfekt komfort

EVEREST 110GA Enkel styrning - Image

Enkel styrning

Fjärrkontroll på kabeln innebär enkel styrning av musiken och handsfree-samtal

Detaljer & Nedladdningar



Trådlös upplevelse. Ojämförlig komfort.

JBL Everest™ 110GA är trådlösa in-ear-hörlurar med Legendary JBL Pro Audio-ljud som ger en dynamisk akustisk upplevelse i upp till 8 timmar på en enda laddning, med snabb uppladdning på bara 2 timmar. Nu när Google Assistant är inbyggd kan du ta full kontroll över din musikupplevelse med din röst och ta emot aviseringar utan att använda telefonen. Du aktiverar enkelt Google Assistant med en knapptryckning på fjärrkontrollen. Den ergonomiska designen anpassar sig efter hela örats kontur och sitter perfekt vilket ger en unik komfort och många timmars skön musik. Njut av handsfree-samtal med kristallklar kvalitet med hjälp av den inbyggda mikrofonen med ekofri funktion. Våga lyssna.

Allmänna specifikationer

Elementstorlek (mm)


Elementkänslighet vid 1 kHz/1 mW (dB)
96dB / 1kHz, 1mW
Dynamiskt frekvensomfång (Hz)
10Hz – 22kHz
Impedans (ohm)
Antal element per öra


Vikt (g)
Vikt (oz)

Specifikationer, styrning och anslutning

HFP v1.7, HSP v1.2, A2DP v1.3, AVRCP v1.6
2.402GHz – 2.48GHz
≤4 dbm(EIRP)


Laddtid (timmar, från tomt)
Max speltid (timmar)
Taltid (timmar)


Legendariskt JBL Pro Audio
Uppladdningsbart batteri

Vad innehåller förpackningen?

  • Örontoppar i tre storlekar
  • Laddningskabel
  • Väska
  • 1 x Garantisedel/varning
  • 1 x Snabbguide/säkerhetsblad
Vad innehåller förpackningen?

Dokument och hämtningar

Omdömen och FAQ


Rated 1 out of 5 by from Terrible sound I’ve had these for a couple of weeks. I use them during my workouts. I’ve had many sets over the years and these are not even close to my favorites. I’ve had cheap sets from the dollar stores that sounded better. I am not happy with my purchase.
Date published: 2019-12-02
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Deceptive They look like they go over the ear (ear hook) but there isn't one. Even with the ideal size head piece on the earphone, if you only have one earbud in for driving) the other one is heavy enough hanging pulls out the one in your ear. So about a "sport" JBL that does have an over the ear hook, and it disconnects 80% of the calls. Has the normal bad directions for usuage, and the sound UP/Down volume only disconnects your call when you try to use it. Even tried customer support but no help.
Date published: 2020-05-06
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Amazing after you adjust the earbuds Just got these today and was not initially impressed. Very tinny and no bass. I was using with the installed medium ear buds. So I changed to the small buds. Worse. Then I changed to the large buds. Holy cow. The sound came alive. Full sound with plenty of bass and clear as a bell. Fitting the buds to your ear is critical for these headphones to work as designed. I became an instant fan. The audio is amazing. You can hear such small details and really blocks out the outside noise well.
Date published: 2020-04-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Price point Not bad for the price. If you are looking for something not too expensive but good quality. Its the way to go.
Date published: 2018-12-20
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Great features I bought three pairs for my kids. Good value, sound good.
Date published: 2019-01-02
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Waste of Money The sound on these is good enough but it would not stay connected to my phone. I have no other problems with the bluetooth connection on my phone and this is the only device that has had this issue. Yes, I need to do research and troubleshooting and all that good stuff. I don't really have the time for that, let alone following through with a return. Very disappointing because I have been happy with JBL in the past.
Date published: 2021-08-11
Rated 1 out of 5 by from My experience Purchased just over 12 months ago. Nice sound, (not the best but OK) Google assistance works great. One problem! They have developed a fault! Fully charged in use, the control gets extremely hot and battery drains from full to empty in 10 mins. Currently waiting on product support. Will update review when resolved. 1 star rating due to current fault, otherwise it would be 4 stars.
Date published: 2021-01-13
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Do not last Had to replace this earphones 3 times because the volume would lower by itself and then they stopped charging, in other words, died! Sound is good but these earphones are NOT made for sports, definitely not sweat resistant!
Date published: 2019-03-20
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Good Headphones but broke within a year Got these on sale and for the price they were a very good headphone. I used it for work, yard work, etc. Sound was good. The reason I'm only giving it 2 stars is that they stopped charging about 15 months after I purchased them. It's now out of warranty. While JBL did offer 30% off to purchase new headphones think I'll shop around for something that will last longer.
Date published: 2021-09-21
Rated 2 out of 5 by from The sound is good but the problem I face is with microphone, every time I call using these headphones people start complaining about the background noise and not clearity in the voice. I have stopped using the headphones for the calls. It does not work for me. I am not sure if other people are also facing this issue or its only mine
Date published: 2022-08-25
Rated 1 out of 5 by from This is like designed to ruin the JBL brand After trying it for the past week and half, I decided to return this product. The main reasons are 1. Battery won't last as the website indicated(8 hours), it will last at most 4 hours. 2. The fitting is very uncomfortable, regardless of which setting I put on. Sound quality is horible even for the discounted price I paid.
Date published: 2020-04-22
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Love them I love these headphones. I have purchased two these, but unfortunately my puppy loved the just as much as me and has destroyed both pairs within days of owning them. Just wished they were cheaper so I could order another lol!
Date published: 2019-08-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great Sound!! I bought these a few weeks ago because I wanted some wireless headphones for my walks. These are GREAT! After trying the different size earpieces, I found the perfect fit inside my ear. I can't believe how wonderful these are. Can't wait to see how they do when I mow the grass this summer. SO GLAD I PURCHASED THESE!!
Date published: 2020-04-24
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Waste of money These are inner ear buds and not comfortable at all. They sound quality is very poor too. I've tried all the different sized pieces, per another review, but none changed the bad sound and aching pain. Should've seen the overall stars and realized that was a bad sign. Save your money and use it to buy a better pair.
Date published: 2020-04-14
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Räckvidd under all kritik Älskar ljudet, älskar att man har Google assistant, men när man inte kan vrida på huvudet utan att lurarna tappar kontakten och klipper ljudet så är det fullkomligt värdelöst. Jag väntade mig betydligt bättre från JBL, och jag har reklamerat mitt första par. Det andra paret var precis likadana tyvärr.
Date published: 2019-07-27
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Terrible Battery The specs say this item provides 8 hours talk time which is a lie. I charge these fully, turn them on at 8am when I begin working. By 11am I get my first low battery warning. I tried to contact JBL and never got a response. I need earbuds that will get me through my work day and these will not do it.
Date published: 2020-05-02
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Short and choppy wireless range I tried iPhone and MP3 player and both fail miserably when the antenna is worn behind the neck. The blue tooth connection appears to require nonobstructed air way. Ear buds are generous and well fitting, controls work correctly with iPhone. I expected significant better wireless connection.
Date published: 2020-04-30
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Not durable Bought these for my son when he goes running. He really liked them at first but one of the earbuds stopped working after 2 months and the other side stopped working a month later. It was a pretty poor gift from me as it only worked for 3 months. Warranty coverage is non-existent.
Date published: 2020-07-27
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Better than expected I have used these almost daily since I received them two weeks ago. I recommend trying all the earbud sizes to ensure you get the best sound. I have used them on conference calls, on my treadmill, in my car, and on the golf course. Not complaints on quality or experience.
Date published: 2020-04-24
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Nice sound I have a old reflect wired jbl earphone used in iPhone, perfect and impressive hifi sound made me to find another jbl earphone for my Android phone. I found this one, so far I am happy for clear sound and easy use although it does not have same great sound as the reflect.
Date published: 2021-07-10
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Fabulous so far To be fair, I've only used the headset for a few hours yet, but I am loving it so far! They are very comfortable, the sound is great, and the Google Assistant integration is spectacular. Maybe I'm still in the honeymoon phase, but I am very happy with this purchase!
Date published: 2021-06-21
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Great sound, great deal I need more emails and marketing stuff from companies like I need a hole in the head. I find value in the one's from JBL. I picked up these great little headphones for a great price. Music sounds fantastic and they are comfortable in my ears also. Very pleased.
Date published: 2020-04-26
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Disappointed!!! Bought them as back up for another set I had. I'm wishing I had passed them up. Sound quality was weak, no matter what ear cushions you use. The fact that they are not for workouts does not help either. I'm just glad they were on sale when purchased.
Date published: 2020-05-07
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Quality of sound was not as expected I bought a refurbished110GA, the product looks good andlooks well built but I notice when I increase the volume the quality of the sound was not as expected from JBL headphones, I decided to return this item and but the Live 220BT JBL headphone.
Date published: 2019-10-20
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Uncomfortable These headphones make me feel like someone is putting their big toe in my ear. I called and tried to exchange and they didn’t do anything for me except send me more silicone pieces. I love JBL products but this specific model is disappointing.
Date published: 2019-09-07
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Sound great I bought these to use for the gym, I had some wired earphones, but they kept getting caught on the equipment. So I bought these wireless headphones and they work great. Great fit, and don't slip out of my ear when working out.
Date published: 2021-07-13
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Charge life I bought this a few weeks ago only pairing it to my tablet to watch Netflix. I'll turn it on, pair it and religiously turn it off after about 45min. I'm lucky to get 3 hours out of a charge...sometimes it closer to 2.
Date published: 2020-04-21
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Nice value Just got them, volume is not as loud as I thought they would be. I am a senior and not sure how they fit in or on the ear kept falling out no instructions on how to insert. But I like the sound and Bluetooth
Date published: 2021-06-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from The best wireless buds I've ever used This is a repeat purchase. They are so comfortable it is easy to forget I have them on. They don't move around regardless of activity or humidity/sweating and the sound is AMAZING. Will definitely buy again!
Date published: 2021-07-07
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Don't stay in ears These headphones didn't stay in my ears, I tried all the different pieces and once I found a combination that I thought would work, as soon as I started walking around they fell out of my ears.
Date published: 2020-04-27
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Frågor och svar

Could you tell me please what difference with EVEREST 110?

Asked by: Maksim
Thanks for reaching out, the only difference is the built in Google Assistant on the Everest 110GA. But the Everest 110 and the Everest 110GA has the same built and quality. If you have questions or concerns, please submit a case request at https://www.jbl.com/support-contact.html and the Customer Service Team will be more than happy to assist you.
Answered by: Jayson D
Date published: 2021-06-06

The ringer and vibration are both set to off on my phone, yet it still rings and vibrates when these headphones are connected. Why is this and how do I shut it off?

Asked by: Jake J
We would like to work with you directly to help you with your issue. Please submit a case request at https://www.jbl.com/support-contact.html and the Customer Service Team will be more than happy to assist you.
Answered by: Mario at Customer service
Date published: 2021-06-06

While listening my 110GA tells me connected every few minutes??

Asked by: Saxelby
Thanks for letting us know about this. We'll need more information from you so we can check on how we can help. Please send us an e-mail, and our Customer Support Team will be happy to assist you. We'd love to help. https://support.jbl.com/us/en/customer-service/contact.html
Answered by: Rhae
Date published: 2021-06-06

which is better JBL everest 110 GA refurbished or JBL live 200bt refurbished ??

Asked by: Harut1508
It depends on what defines better for you. If you prefer more features with a slightly longer playtime, then it the Live 200BT. If you prefer comfort, then it will be the Everest 110GA.
Answered by: Homer DLR
Date published: 2021-06-06

I have a pair of Everest 110GA head phones. My battery is at 20% and playing just fine, but it keeps telling me the battery is low. Any way to turn off the battery warning?

Asked by: Marcus5
The battery warnings for your Everest 110GA headphones cannot be toggled on or off. This is a built in feature on the headphones that is the only way for you to know that the headphones need to be charged soon. The headphones does not have an LED indicator for battery, nor does it have an app that allows such settings.
Answered by: Steven M
Date published: 2021-06-06

What are the changes for the latest firmware version 2.0.0?

Asked by: PaulKu
We've checked on the relevant software version for the Android version and the Google Assistant version and doesn't show a 2.0.0. . If you need further assistance, please submit a case request at www.jbl.com/support-contact.html and the Customer Service team will be more than happy to further assist you.
Answered by: Mario at Customer service
Date published: 2021-06-06

My Everest 110 chages but doesn´t turn on. I have already tried t resete them pressing the + and - volume button for 5 seconds but nothing happens. What can I do?

Asked by: BrunoSato
Thanks for your time in reaching us. We'd like to get more information from you so we can look into it. Please send a case request to our Customer Support team at https://support.jbl.com/us/en/.
Answered by: Kris A
Date published: 2021-06-06

Seems unable to play any sound after I upgraded the Android system on my phone. But it worked fine with my iPad. Is there some kind of Bluetooth update in the Android update that breaks the audio data transmission?

Asked by: bluefish_
Sorry to hear about the audio issues with your JBL Everest 110GA and your android device. Try checking the audio settings of your android device and see if the media option is selected which allows media audio output while connected. Should the issue persist, please contact our Customer Support team through this link, https://bit.ly/2qnIw89, and one of our representatives will reach out to you within 24-48 hours.
Answered by: Rhae
Date published: 2021-06-06

Min asus zenfone max pro m2 gick först att ansluta med dessa hörlurar men tappade om och om igen kontakten. Så då valde jag glöm enhet och började från början MEN nu vill den ansluta pga "fel pinkod"???

Asked by: Ymer72
Tack för din fråga. Då den kräver felsökning av våra produktspecialister, vänligen kontakta vår kundtjänst via telefon eller mail för att få hjälp med detta. Du kan hitta alla kontaktuppgifter här: https://www.jbl.se/support-contact.html 
Answered by: Julia B, Customer Support
Date published: 2021-06-06

Are the headphones multipoint?

Asked by: Gadget Guy
No, the Everest 110GA headphones are not multipoint headphones.
Answered by: Steven M
Date published: 2021-06-06

How can I tell percentage of charge left in the headphones.

Asked by: Fl Gene
Hi! The Google Assistant settings menu will inform you of how much power you have left in your headphones. In addition, Apple iOS system offers battery level indicator in their own OS system, which you can use to check battery level as well.
Answered by: Minete
Date published: 2021-06-06

Does it have redial option?

Asked by: Psobsy
Unfortunately The JBL Everest 110GA doesn't have the redial option. It can only accept or reject calls.
Answered by: Mario at Customer service
Date published: 2021-06-06

How can i fix 50/50 % sound to left and right ear? For some reason I have full strenght in sound on left side and can just hear a tiny sound from right side.

Asked by: christian55555
As your question requires troubleshooting by our Product Specialists, we invite you to contact the Harman Customer Support team by telephone, email or chat in order to receive direct assistance. Please see https://se.harmanaudio.com/support-contact.html for further details. Thank you.
Answered by: Elvira M
Date published: 2021-06-06

Delusione per questo prodotto che non ha mai funzionato bene, mi è stato anche sostituito in garanzia ma ho avuto sempre problemi con la connesione bluetooth che NON ha mai funzionato quindi soldi buttati!!!

Asked by: janfry
Please contact our customer support team for your region. See contact details below. Kenwood Electronics Italia S.P.A. +39 02 204 821 info@it.jvckenwood.com
Answered by: Ray at Customer Support
Date published: 2021-07-05

My jbl everest 110GA keeps saying power in on, power in and i can´t hear nothing what can I do?

Asked by: Pablo123
We would like to get more information to help you out, please contact us so we can assist you:https://bit.ly/2zwFkYM
Answered by: Mario at Customer service
Date published: 2021-06-06

Is it waterproof

Asked by: DaveLAU0313
No, our JBL Everest 110BT is not waterproof.
Answered by: Jem at Customer Support
Date published: 2021-06-06

When pairing with a Note 8, the Google Assistant doesn't work. On my pixel, a notification popped up to pair automatically, but with my note 8, the notification never appears. I can manually pair with Bluetooth, but then I don't get the assistant function

Asked by: wookiee1807

I have bought the earphones and its been a month. The earphones suddenly stopped getting charged !! Tried all combinations of Cable and adapter. I bought it in US and right now I am in India. Need help!!

Asked by: Bhuma
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